Friday, October 12, 2007


"If the teachers of predestination were right when they spoke always of a duality, of election and reprobation, of predestination to salvation or perdition, to life or death, then we may say already that in the election of Jesus Christ which is the eternal will of God, God has ascribed to man the former, election, salvation and life; and to Himself He has ascribed the latter, reprobation, perdition and death [...] The risk and threat is the portion which the Son of God, i.e., God Himself, has chosen for His own."

"For if God Himself became man, this man (i.e. the lost man, traitor, enemy, adversary), what else can this mean but that He declared Himself guilty of the contradiction against Himself in which man was involved; that He submitted Himself to the law of creation by which such a contradiction could be accompanied by loss and destruction; that He made Himself the object of the wrath and judgment to which man had brought himself, that He took upon Himself the rejection which man had deserved; that He tasted Himself the damnation, death and hell which ought to have been the portion of fallen man? [...] He elected our rejection. He made it His own. He bore it and suffered it with all its most bitter consequences. For the sake of this choice and for the sake of man He hazarded Himself wholly and utterly. He elected our suffering. He elected it as His own suffering."

-Karl Barth The Election of Jesus Christ