Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quote of the Day

"The next thing is to look at ourselves, and polish our theological self to beauty like a statue."

-Gregory of Nazianzus
The First Theological Oration

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I apologize for the lack of posting. Time has been scarce with a busy holiday and a whirlwind beginning of a new semester. Nonetheless, for anyone interested I thought I'd give a brief update on what my semester looks like:


Wesleyan Church History and Discipline: This class is turning out to be a good one. It's a 7:50 so it's good that my professor is fairly charismatic. So far we've read a number of Wesley's sermons and we've got some decent texts for the rest of the semester as well.

Christology: I have high hopes for this class. It's a theology course so of course I'm already pumped. We also get to spend a considerable amount of time in primary sources, reading the patristics firsthand. This is one of those rare undergraduate classes where this is available, thus, it causes me to salivate.

Pastoral Care and Counseling: Wow! I am finding I really enjoy this class! I was somewhat skeptical about the course, and not too excited that it is a three hour night class, but I have really enjoyed my time spent in the classroom so far. It should prove very useful as a primer for Christian counseling.

Grace in the Early Church: Basically, this is a class designed to mine research through undergrad students. Two of my professors are currently engaged in a research project concering the historical and theological development of charis and have formed a class to supplement their research. This is a goodie, and one of my favs even though it's only a one credit hour class.

Honors Thesis Paper: It's finally time for me to actually finish up research for my paper and write it. My honors thesis paper will be due at the end of the semester and I'm hoping it turns out really well. I have a lot left to do, so it will be grueling.

Barth Reading Group: I will be part of a Karl Barth reading group beginning relatively soon. We'll be reading sections of the Dogmatics and it should be great discussion. We've got some great thinkers in the group.

Graduate School

It's official; for those of you who don't yet know I've been accepted to Duke Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary. These are the only two schools I've applied to and Duke has also offered me a Divinity Fellowship (full tuition and a great summer field ed placement). I haven't made a final decision but Duke has certainly made me feel as if they really want me to be a part of their program. So far, I want to be as well.

So this is what my semester looks like! I'll try to post regularly, giving my usual theological meandering. Don't be surprised to see a number of posts focused on Yoderish ideology; I spent a lot of time reading Yoder over break and I'm finding it difficult to sustain arguments contrary to his. It has been good fun and I'll attempt to share some of that with you soon. As for now, Pax Christi!