Monday, January 30, 2006

Revision: Introduction to First Series Ever

It's a monumental moment for the history of The Orthodoctor. I am beginning, for the first time, a three part series entitled, "Why Mainstream Evangelicalism has the Power and the Potential to Become One of the Most Dangerous Heretical Sects in Christian History." It's a long title, but one with a punch. Essentially, I am going to briefly evaluate mainstream evangelicalism based upon the Protestant marks of the Church; 1) the preaching of the pure Word of God, 2) due administration of the sacraments, 3) the community rightly ordered. The three posts will be divided into these three categories. So, put on your theology caps and let's get underway as your input will be greatly appreciated.

After careful consideration I have decided to forego this series for the moment. I have decided that my initial intent was designed in such a way as to invite vast and varied misinterpretations and therefore unintended negative repercussions. Perhaps I will make some changes and return; probably not. Instead, I have some other ideas floating in my head. Bear with me, as I hope to articulate them soon.


Kevin K. Wright said...

make sure you define evangelical first. The word can encapsulate much or little depending on how you define it. If evangelicals are simply "anti-abortion anti-gay marriage" folk, then you'll only end up beating a straw man. Or, at least read the book "Discovering an Evangelical Heritage" to understand what the term means.

Sniper said...

Mclarens view on evangelicalism might be of some benefit here. Not because he defines it perfect for you, but because he shows both sides to the equation "the conservative" side of evangelicalism, and the more pure, less politically concerned side. He distinguishes this with the terms Evangelical and little "e"vangelical. Check out a generous orthodoxy for this viewpoint and it might save you some time and effort.