Saturday, May 07, 2005

Unshaven with pale skin and dark rings under my eyes, I emerge from the chrysalis of academia as a beautiful butterfly...well at least I emerge

This post really is nothing terribly significant. I apologize that I have not posted in what appears to be eons. Ahh, I have missed it. I do intend to articulate some of my more meaningful thoughts and give them to the public soon, but as for now I am somewhat occupied with the beginning of summer and all that entails (finding a job, stuffing advertising envelopes for the studios, planning my wedding). Another school year has been completed and it was quite successful. I poured a great deal of energy into the end of the year and it certainly paid off. Praise God for the strength that He gives! I am looking forward to a wonderful summer. As for now, this butterfly is going to rest his mind by watching a movie...mmm, movie.

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