Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Summer Employment

So I got a call today from Calvary Church. They offered me a position as their Blacktop Recreation Director. What a blessing. Basically I'll be organizing a program which is intended for at-risk kids in the community. Holland Heights has become the "rough" part of town and is home to drug trafficking, stabbings, shootings, and other tragic happenings. I am excited but am well aware that this will be quite the challenge. These kids apparently have no respect for authority and will push me to the limits. But what better place to be doing the work of God than with children whose lives will perhaps be transformed for life by a single summer? Pastor Blaine told me that often the surrounding community is difficult to reach, but when you beginning to touch the lives of their children they become much more open to the Church's influence. The affluence which the majority of the American Church lives with can cause a certain inability to see the reality of the ripe field which our workers are dispersed within. I expect God to stretch me, to strengthen me, to open my selective perspective, but most importantly to change the lives of people. After all, is that not one of the central messages of the Gospel? Hallelujah.

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Anonymous said...

I just read your latest blog and am so excited to hear that you did get the job with Calvary. "Calvary"? Interesting that this is a place of happening!
I'm committed to pray for you and all the souls to win for the Lord! You go---BEN Gram dV