Saturday, April 09, 2005


I thought I would make a quick post so that anyone wondering about the scarcity of posts may be informed. Currently I am on a self-proclaimed sabbatical; I have an exegesis paper due Tuesday, the 12th and therefore my time is consumed with research, writing, research, writing, research, and then some more writing. The satisfaction of completing a literary piece (and completing it well) will be a sufficient reward for my time. May this work serve to increase my knowledge of the Lord Almighty and in turn allow me to become a more effective minister for His Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, my brother. It pains me to see you working so far in advance of the due date, but I entirely understand. If ever you need anything, don't ask me. I bet your fiance can handle it. But if she can't, then you can ask me.

Brandon M. Brown

Fatout said...

Sabbatical is for sallies. Pony up and get back to blogging you nancy!!!

Anonymous said...

hey fatout, my wife's name is Nancy. you gotta problem wit dat??