Saturday, April 09, 2005


I thought I would make a quick post so that anyone wondering about the scarcity of posts may be informed. Currently I am on a self-proclaimed sabbatical; I have an exegesis paper due Tuesday, the 12th and therefore my time is consumed with research, writing, research, writing, research, and then some more writing. The satisfaction of completing a literary piece (and completing it well) will be a sufficient reward for my time. May this work serve to increase my knowledge of the Lord Almighty and in turn allow me to become a more effective minister for His Kingdom.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Death of Pope John Paul II

My father called from the car today to let us know that Pope John Paul II had passed away. This news touched my heart in an unexpected way. I found myself suddenly all the more aware of the great heritage which I have been priveleged to be a part of. Christians around the world mourn the loss of such a holy man. He was exceptionally close to the Lord Jesus and his place will not be easily filled.

Did the death of the Pope touch you? Did the passing of a man incredibly close to God cause a tear to be drawn from your eye? I pray that it did. Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox, the death of John Paul II should touch us all. I realized today how much I respect the Catholic Church. Perhaps it is something to do with that rich heritage, the legacy of the Catholic Church. I do not really know. All I know is that I was touched today. I will miss Pope John Paul II. The world has lost a great man, yet heaven has received one.
In Christ,
~Ben Robinson