Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring Break

Well, Spring Break is almost over. It has been a good break; short but good. This has been a very unique break; my fiancee and I have been doing a ton of stuff for the wedding. We spent a good couple of days registering for gifts and only finished today. We still have a lot of tweaking to do. My fiancee's birthday was also this week and it has been great getting together with family to celebrate. Being at school all year it seems we miss out on some of the fun stuff that is going on with the family, so it is always great to get to catch up with the fam. Last night Jen and I played cards for a bit with her parents and then we switched to Trouble. Tonight we went out to dinner with my parents and my brother and then played Texas Hold 'em. It was pretty intense. Unfortunately I ended up having to borrow from the bank. Nonetheless, my confidence in my poker playing skills still remains.

A couple of nights ago Jen and I went to dinner with her grandma deVries. We had some great discussions. We talked a lot about theology and various issues related to Christianity. Grandma deVries is so wise and has some amazing insights. There is so much value to be gained from the wisdom of those who have gone on before us. She has such a passion for Jesus and for seeing people walk with Him. No matter how much education I receive it is amazing to know that there are some things that can only be learned through life. I treasure experiences like this.

Currently I am reading a book entitled Christology in the Making by James Dunn. I will be blogging on it later but basically the book takes a look at the origin and development of the doctrine of the incarnation. It is very academic and forces me to make some paradigm shifts. Dunn's gift is synthesis and he portrays this in his book.

I will be heading back to school the day after tomorrow but Jen and I still have a few things to accomplish before we do. This break has been good and I look forward to finishing up another year at the university and coming home for the summer. There is a lot yet to complete before the wedding and it will be enjoyable to have one more summer at home.

For now, I am going to spend some more time emersed in Dunn's book before I put my head down on my pillow for another night. Mmmm, sleep sounds good about now...

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